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Keynotes and Workshops

Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so. - Belva Davis

Sheri Andrunyk Sheri Andrunyk's years of experience and effortless delivery inspire, educate and encourage men and women alike. She has been a highly successful entrepreneur for close to three decades, juggling the changing needs and dynamics of work and family life, and relates well to a wide variety of audiences from the corporate boardroom to small business functions and community events.

Sheri is a wife, mom, daughter, friend and positive role model to many. Professionally, she is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Inspiring Speaker, Holistic Business and Life Coach, and Self-Published Author turned Independent Canadian Publisher.

Sheri has invaluable intuition and expertise for creating profound change and inspiring sustainable growth. Whether through individual coaching sessions, keynotes or the written word, she guides and mentors others to be better self-managers both personally and in business. Sheri opens wide the doors of possibility for all she meets, setting a great example in her own life of keeping first things first. She believes we all have seeds of greatness within us that we must cultivate and use to make a difference in our homes, communities, businesses and abroad!

Her interactive and engaging keynotes and workshops cover a range of topics:

  • Writing & Publishing
  • Telling Your Story
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Amazing Relationships
  • Advanced Sales & Communication
  • Time & Choice Management
  • NLP

And more! Including:

Working From Home & Making It Work© Keynote

This keynote is inspired by Sheri's 2nd book, published in 2012, also called Working From Home & Making It Work©.

In this very resourceful and customizable keynote (or workshop series), Working From Home & Making It Work©, Sheri Andrunyk will become your new and trusted "Go To Person" on almost everything-from creating the elusive work/life balance, healthy and lasting relationships, and exceptional self-management, to defining challenges for what they are, embracing change and enjoying true success on your own terms.

Sheri has a passion for all forms of meaningful communication, and expertise in numerous areas, providing instrumental guidance to clients and colleagues alike.

Over the course of her extensive career in a number of fields including direct sales, the home show industry, event production and consulting, Sheri has successfully run several companies and greatly values her ever-expanding and supportive network and client base.

Sheri proves what is possible when you come from a place of integrity within yourself and with others, and truly want to make a difference whatever your role. This has been the inspiration and driving force for her own personal transformation over the years-and she generously shares it with us in Working From Home & Making It Work©.

Sheri also writes a very informative blog on the business of writing, marketing, publishing, and entrepreneurship, and you can follow her on Twitter (IC Publishing), LinkedIn (Sheri Andrunyk) and Facebook (Women For Women Canada and Companies).

Hearts Linked by Courage Keynote

This is often delivered with a panel of story contributors accompanying Sheri for part of her message, depending on the time available, and needs of event and audience.

Sheri Andrunyk is the Author and Publisher of Hearts Linked by Courage, a powerfully poignant, hope-filled collection of real-life stories. In this exceptional keynote, Sheri will awaken you in your own journey, and remind you of the often similar path that others are on. She will stir compassion and healing. Her message is meant to move you and it will; it's meant to encourage you and it does!

From Sheri:
"...The purpose of this book and message is simple. It is to encourage compassion and kindness in others, and to look beyond what you see or hear. Everyone has a story, many actually-like the ones in this book, and also like the ones that are not in this book, because we're not quite ready to share and embrace the pain associated with those experiences. When we are ready though, we will always have a choice, and there are many ways to heal-sharing your story is one way, because it helps another know that they're not alone ... and perhaps it reassures us too.

I believe that the difficult and challenging times in our lives, is what defines us most. There is profound teaching in every situation, if we are open to it.

What this book is not about, is magnifying or belabouring these sometimes incredibly tragic moments-it is about honouring them actually, and celebrating the learning, wisdom and appreciation we gained for what is . . . and isn't 'now'.

Hearts Linked by Courage is a collection of inspirational stories, ones of courage, cancer diagnosis, surviving and thriving after abuse, the loss of a loved one and more! They're meant to give you hope and encouragement that inspires you to have faith, learn from your experiences, be present and thankful every day, and take the higher road in life, regardless of what life throws at you.

And when you are in the depths of the "going through" phase, let these stories be a reminder that this too shall pass and you are not alone."

For more info, visit the About the Founder, Coaching and Media and Resources pages on this website or Sheri's blog at Insightful Communications Publishing (www.ICPublishing.ca).

More from Sheri's colleagues and clients

Book Sheri For Your Next Event

Sheri's messages can be personalized to provide specific education and insight to your group and/or business colleagues. With her many years of experience, diverse knowledge and natural and easy style, she is also a perfect fit if you are looking for a panel expert or emcee for your special event.

Professional Speaking fees vary; taking into consideration prep time for special presentations, length of topic or training message, and travel time. Sheri also recognizes the sometimes limited budget of small businesses, and not-for-profit women's and teens groups. Further, she has numerous colleagues that often team up with her to provide a unique & customized session(s) and that she can also recommend depending on her availability.

Be sure to call or email her directly for more information or to book her for your next event.

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!"
- Author Appreciated, yet Unknown

What Others Have to Say...

"Sheri has acted as emcee at my "Woman's Worth" event for 4 years in a row as well as our motivational speaker one year. Her dedication and commitment to the event, along with her organizational skills has contributed to making each event a huge success. She not only speaks to the audience but she reaches their hearts. I look forward to working with Sheri on my future events."
Mary Corrado,
President, The Business Agents
"...I was struck immediately, not only by Sheri's professional demeanour but also by the warmth and sincerity that filled the room when she spoke. I continued to observe this in Sheri as we became business associates involved in two networking groups chaired both by Sheri in the capacities of President and Vice-President. As an Independent Professional and Team Leader Sheri's integrity shines through. She is articulate and well organized, thorough and always informative. Sheri's efficiency and her communication skills, both written and verbal are excellent. She always leaves her listeners inspired and with much to think about... Sheri never asks more of anyone than she is willing to do herself, often going above and beyond what is required. Sheri lives by her mantra by motivating and encouraging everyone around her to be the best they can be. In addition to being a leading professional, Sheri has a generous heart and is devoted to her friends, family and colleagues. She has an innate ability to take the focus off of herself and to concentrate on the immediate need of the person or persons before her. I would highly recommend Sheri to encourage others as Motivational Speaker, Consultant and/or in any Team Leadership capacity..."
Diana E. D'Andrade
"I have had the opportunity and pleasure to hear Sheri speak to women's groups numerous times... She has a passion for issues affecting women's lives and her message resonates with women of all backgrounds. Whether she makes you laugh or cry she will inspire you to be the best you can be."
Lyn MacFarlane C.A, C.S.A.
"...Very professional and... informative... Sheri's interactive workshops are un-intimidating and make you feel comfortable and open to changes and suggestions that will certainly be of benefit to anyone that applies them. I can see how a woman can be transformed by applying Sheri's words of wisdom and kind suggestions. This education will have a very positive affect, not only on the growth of their business; it will also certainly lift them to a higher level of professionalism. Sheri is a commendable example as a sincere honest business woman, a great role model for others to emulate. She has had positive effect on the growth of WINGS in her area, and is well-liked and highly-respected..."
Diane Magee
Founder & Director, WINGS & HEROS Canada
"Sheri has a great deal of insight and wisdom. She speaks from the heart and shares her experiences in an engaging manner. I find her a delight to be with and always look forward to connecting with her. Sheri has added value to my life, and with all of these attributes and her passion to help women, she will surely add value to the lives of those she touches."
Ingrid Wolfert
"... Through her kind words and actions, she makes you believe that you are special. She is kind, caring, and always there to listen to you when you need her. Her inner beauty shines with every word she speaks. In the short time I have known her, her compassion for people along with her dedication and honesty motivates you to become the best that you can be. She has the highest respect for all her colleagues, and strives to be the best as she can be, in her work, and in her personal life. Sheri is always fun to be around because she is energetic and so full of life."
Rosa DiMarco
I C Bookstore & I C Publishing - Committed to Quality Content and Design