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Our Community

Welcome to our community page, where we've included some of the projects and organizations we support. Our hope is that you may find something here of meaning to you, whether charitable or volunteer opportunities or individual community services that can help to make your journey or someone else’s a little easier.

When I think of the memories my parents and grandparents have shared about days gone by, not to mention the childhood experiences that made me realize that I was rich in love, but not a lot more at times, I'm also reminded that it takes a village . . . to raise a child, feed and clothe a family, and keep a community kind and safe.

From my time as a cosmetics franchise owner in the 1990s, participating in Loving & Giving Days and being on the Sick Kid’s Telethon to present the funds we had raised, to hand-delivering, with my family, Christmas meals to shut-ins, it affirms the long-standing adage: many hands make light work.

I’ve also seen the difference that small, consistent efforts can bring forth when just a handful of people believe in something such as the weekly Community Meal at St Andrew’s in the little town of Sutton. My parents (Gayle and Gerry Clarke) are part of the original meal committee which began in 2005. This outreach continues to inspire many other churches to do the same and, better yet, work together to provide for our greater community. You needn't look too far to see the good . . .

Sheri Andrunyk and Gayle Clarke
serve on the Community Advisory Council for:

York Housing & Support Services
A Safe Place for New Beginnings

Belinda's Place and Sutton Youth Centre
Visit websites for volunteer opportunities.

I C Publishing is a proud sponsor of

Portraits of Giving
2016 and 2017

This inspiring project celebrates the landscape and legacy of philanthropy in York Region, Ontario!
Tour dates will be posted on the website.

When we all work together, we can do great things!

In just a few short weeks, more than 100 gifts were collected from friends, family, colleagues, clients, and local businesses, supporting Touch a Heart Networks with Christmas presents and stockings, youth-at-risk toiletry packages for Salvation Army Sutton Youth Centre, and filled purses for local women’s shelters. Nov-Dec 2015

Touch a Heart Network Stockings & Gifts Salvation Army Toiletry Packages Purse-Filling for Local Shelters

I C Publishing is proud to sponsor and subsidize
the 2016 Hearts Linked by Courage book project,
in conjunction with CMHA – York and South Simcoe.

The stories shared help keep important conversations alive, and teach us humility and compassion. Stories heal too.

It's our mission to carry on the Hearts Linked by Courage series with other great causes as well.

Feel free to inquire about this project for your NFP organization to info@icpublishing.ca, and we'd be happy to send you some details.

Hospice Georgina – Photo Reflections
Connect in a Caring Community

Photovoice Project 2013

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, more or less. In this workshop, we were honoured to work with seniors in our community. We brought their photos to life with writing and thoughtful dialogue, to foster healthy communication and caring in our community.

Sheri Andrunyk
Workshop Creator & Facilitator
With Gayle Clarke

Kind words from
Hospice Georgina
Along with many other wonderful events held in York Region and the GTA, the Annual Women For Women 6 Figure Event (2009 to 2012) brought so many amazing individuals and companies together to support the exceptional services and organizations that strive to make life better for others. The feedback that inspires us still today is how much the platform meant to all involved. Especially when it came to the recipients, many said they valued the exposure and opportunity to speak with and engage our audience, as much or more than the dollar donations themselves . . . In turn, our event audience felt inspired, more aware, and connected to something bigger.
I C Bookstore & I C Publishing - Committed to Quality Content and Design