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Working From Home & Making it Work
- Author Sheri Andrunyk
A must-have resource for anyone striving for success on their own terms in work and in life.

"I have so thoroughly enjoyed your book that I've left it on my coffee table for inspiration. Very insightful and chock-full of great ideas... Kudo's to you for all your efforts in putting such a useful tool out to the world to use. You really 'rocked it' Girl! I'm so impressed and inspired by your vision."

Jolene Brackett
Life Counselling Services
Richmond Hill, ON


Paperback version signed by author for $21.95 + tax & shipping (145 pages).
E-Book (PDF, mobi or ePUB), $9.99 plus tax.

About the Author and Book

In this highly resourceful, easy-to-read book, Working From Home & Making It Work, Sheri Andrunyk will become your new and trusted "Go To Person" on almost everything - from creating the elusive work/life balance, healthy and lasting relationships, and exceptional self-management, to defining challenges for what they are, embracing change and enjoying true success on your own terms.

Sheri has a passion for all forms of meaningful communication, and expertise in numerous areas, providing invaluable guidance to clients and colleagues alike.

She is a wife, mom, daughter and friend to many. Professionally, Sheri is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Inspiring Speaker, Holistic Business and Life Coach, and Self-Published Author turned Independent Canadian Publisher.

Over the course of a career spanning three decades in a variety of fields including direct sales, the home show industry, event production and consulting, Sheri has successfully run several companies and greatly values her ever-expanding and supportive network and client base.

Ever the introvert, Sheri proves what is possible when you come from a place of integrity within yourself and with others, and truly want to make a difference whatever your role. This has been the inspiration and driving force for her own personal transformation over the years - and she generously shares it with us in Working From Home & Making It Work.

Sheri also writes a very informative blog on the business of writing, marketing, publishing, and entrepreneurship, and you can follow her on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

I C Bookstore & I C Publishing - Committed to Quality Content and Design